Sunday, August 31, 2008

A New Obsession

I've become addicted to knitting. I initially took up knitting for a second time when I found out my sister-in-law was going to have a baby. I wanted to make her a blanket, and my only experience up until that point had been a very long scarf (I couldn't figure out how to get it off the needles after several friends explained (and even showed in some cases) me how to do it). That scarf is still buried in the closet somewhere, silently weeping. But it is extremely long, so it might be sad, but a little proud of it's length. Size does matter. At least for scarves.

I joined the knitting group at work, who meet every other week. We have some real knitting professionals in that group (although they're all modest, lemme tell ya!). They've gotten me through the purl stitch, as well as my initial ability to increase and decrease at random. They had no idea how I did it (obviously I didn't, either!), but they thought it was hilarious that I managed to somehow do both without knowing it. Hello! Newbie here!

When I got stuck on the blanket and the group wasn't meeting again for over a week, I started a scarf for the hubby. It's a made of a soft grey Red Heart yarn, which I found out later on is something that the yarn snobs look down on. Whatever! It's good enough for hubby :D.

The scarf is what I knit when I'm on the bus in the morning, and sometimes at lunch. I'm almost done with it. The blanket I knit at night after work. I'm a little addicted. And a little crazy. I bought a bunch of yarn, which the enlightened refer to as a 'stash', just because I ... well, because that was what all of the other addicts seem to do. Unfortunately I usually bought only one skein (ball) of it, so there a very limited amount of things I can make. Oopsies. Live and learn.

I tried to convince the hubby that the scarf really only needed to go around his neck, and then it I could knit in a button hole and sew in a button and we'd call it good. He didn't want to be a fashion trailblazer, though, so it can actually wrap around his neck a few times at this point. I'm ready for a smaller project. Dishcloth, here I come!

I'll post a picture of the finished scarf once it's... finished.

Keep on knittin'!