Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Knitting/In the Queue

I figured it out, and between Christmas and Birthday knitting, I ended up with the following finished objects:

10 scarves (I finished the last Christmas scarf on vacation in Mexico - I was determined!)
1 hat
1 dishcloth

That's a lot! The only thing I haven't finished and have pretty much given up on, is the baby blanket. I bought some yarn to make a cute baby sweater instead at some point. Speaking of babies... I am a new aunt to Megan Marie. She is a cutie, for sure. I can't wait to meet her in person :) I'm very excited about having a niece. Not that I don't love my nephew, because he's #1 in my book, but girls clothes are more fun to buy/make!

Back to my totals - 10 scarves is a lot of scarves. When I was done with the last one I told myself I needed a break from the scarves, but I have a thank you gift to make for a friend. I was thinking of making her a hat, but I'll go the safe route and do the quick knit scarf on the US 19 needles. It goes so quickly.

My knitting queue for 2009 is as follows:

  1. Thank you scarf.
  2. Winter sweater for myself. (cables)
  3. Sweater for my niece.
That's more than enough. I think my sweater might take a while. Thank goodness for my friend who is my knitting guru!

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