Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well... Hello!

It's been a while.

How are you?

I'm OK. I've been missing knitting. When I am gone from knitting any length of time (and it really hasn't been THAT long), I usually find I get stressed easier and more often. Last night was a particularly bad day and I decided I just had to get the knitting out to see if it would help. I had most of a dog sweater done for the pup, but I hadn't finished the bottom and I needed to sew it all together. I finished the sweater, and guess what? It did help with the stress.

Today I went to the Lion Brand store during work.

You know what's nice? Leaving the office for a whole lunch hour. Especially if it means you get to fondle yarn! At first I looked at the Vanna White stuff that was on sale, but something doesn't seem right about buying Vanna White yarn. It seems too cheesy. Maybe I am turning into a yarn snob?!

Anyway, I looked at other yarns and came across a very soft cashmere blend. Niiiiice! I hope the hub appreciates it. I'm going to use it to make his skull hat. This will be the first time I've used two colors and tried out a color pattern. Should be interesting, and I'll definitely take pics. I'll also put a pic up of the dog wearing his sweater.

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