Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Like Yarn. Also, The Sun Is Hot.

One of my projects to keep myself busy since being laid off was logging all the yarn I had in my spare bedroom, and the yarn I brought home from work.  Any reasonable person would assume I'd have a few skeins at work, and keep the rest of it at home.  Well.  I worked just a few blocks from the Lion Brand store, and I am lazy with carrying stuff home.  When we went to clean out my space at work the yarn I had in my desk drawers (plural) filled a garbage bag to the top.  I also had a smallish container that was filled, as well.  

Logging everything into ravelry takes pretty much forever.  You need to take pics of the yarn and enter all the info for every different type of yarn.  I had over 70 different types (not skeins) of yarn that I organized (some were already in ravelry and some weren't).  That was a lot.  Any reasonable person would assume that since I have all this yarn I won't be buying any more yarn any time soon.  Especially now that I'm unemployed.  Well.  Clearly you didn't read my last post about finding a new yarn shop.

There is just something about yarn.  The various textures and colors - I love 'em all.  And I love the potential I see in it.  I'm also a big fan of all the implements used in knitting.  I have several sets of needles, project bags, stitch markers, and various other dodads that I've deemed important to have in my collection.  The hilarious thing (to me and maybe not to my husband) is that I still only consider myself barely past beginner level.  This is mostly because I will go through streaks with my knitting.  And mostly because I hate gauge, so I rarely make anything non-scarfy.  I was shocked when the 'newbie' knitter I met today said she was on her third project and it was a sweater.  A SWEATER?!  I looked at her like she had just turned water into wine.  I've made two sweaters (both for a baby) and one ended up super small - maybe a preemie could wear it for a few hours - and one ended up big enough for a two year old.  See?  I hate gauge.  The good thing is now I have a new friend, the store owner, who is determined to teach me gauge.

New Friend after I told her about the skull cap incident, as well as the sweater incidents, "You know why gauge is important, right?"

Me, "Absolutely.  I just hate doing it because it takes me forever to actually get the right gauge a lot of times."

New Friend, "Eh, you don't need to do that Four Inch Swatch crap. That's a waste of time."

That got me hook, line, and sinker.  See:  I am lazy.  And I fully expect my yarn stash to continue to grow.  I'm going to try to use an old yarn for every new one I buy, though.  [I'm saying that because I'm 90% sure hubby is reading this; we'll see what actually happens.  Love ya, hubs!]


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Fabiknits said...

I hope Clay doesn't hate me for this but a person who loves yarn so much should really check out Plucky yarn. It's not always available, which makes it exciting.. . Most beautiful colors I have ever seen. Sigh. Now go and get addicted to it and let me know what you think.

Neeners said...

Is it machine washable? As much as I love yarn, I'm lazy when it comes to hand washing stuff, so I've been concentrating more lately on machine washable.