Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Things

Caving In

One reason that I stuck with scarves so long (and then added hats to the repertoire) is how quickly they can knit up.  A few weeks ago I added the dishtowel.  There isn't really anything else useful and small to knit... except socks.

For some reason I've always been leery about trying to knit socks.  I guess I was a) convinced I would end up cross-eyed, and b) afraid of those itty bitty needles.  My LYS is giving a sock class and I decided to take it.  I am still working on the afghan, so this will actually be the first time I'll be working on two projects at once.  Of course I have a couple unfinished projects in various bags right now, but I haven't touched those in years.  I'm usually all about finishing one thing before I start another because I don't want to add to that unfinished project list. Wish me luck.  Between the yarn, needles, and class, this will be the most expensive pair of socks I will ever own.   

                                                          (My hub is not fat, and I have better hair.  Otherwise, this is about right!)


I wish I had some news like, "Woo hoo!  I'm back to where I started yesterday morning!"  I don't.  12 inches doesn't really knit up that quickly when we're talking blankets.  I want to get this sucker done.  Baby blankets are a relatively 'quick knit' when you compare the two.  


Fabiknits said...

Sock knitting is addictive. And they will be the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear. Socks have become my train knitting because of the size. You'll love it!

Neeners said...

She's got me doing some craziness with two size two circulars. She said it's easier than double pointed, which I guess I'll agree with once I can figure this out.