Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh, Hey. Hi!

Vacation Knitting

We went on vacation for a long weekend, and I took my sock knitting.  Guess how much knitting I got done? None.  Not a stitch.  I think on the way there I was too excited to knit, during vacation I was too busy to knit, and on the way home I was sick.  I ended up coming home with bronchitis.  Not fun. I've never had bronchitis before.  Coughing gets old - fast!  So no knitting happened while I was away on vacation or while I had bronchitis.  Ah well, it gave my hands an opportunity to rest after knitting on that damn sock.  I am now working on that damn afghan again.  I got through another skein of yarn.  I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 2-3 skeins to go.  

Not Knitting Didn't Stop Me From Buying!

I ordered these before vacation, and they finally came in and hubby picked them up for me.  I haven't used them yet.  I'm not letting myself use them until either my afghan or sock is done. 


We went to my first fiber fair yesterday.  My friend who dyes fiber had a booth, and I picked up a couple of beautiful skeins.  Check out Moose Manor Hand Paints to see her awesome colors and work.  It was extremely difficult to choose. This pic is extra big so you can hopefully see the gold tinsel in the yellow skein.  

Also at the fiber fair:

Jump, llama, Jump!  Llama obstacle course.

This guy looks like a sharpei.  You can barely see his eyes.


Someone got a haircut...


Fabiknits said...

I love my Addis! You'll love yours too... I hardly ever knit with my old needles... I try to avoid them at all costs. LOL.
Glad you got to go to the fiber festival. I forgot all about it! LOL.
Hope you're feeling better...

Fabiknits said...

Wait a minute... I just noticed that that's fingering weight yarn you got... More socks in the future? :)

Neeners said...

Ya the ladies in the yarn shop wouldn't stop talking about the Addis, so I tried them and bit the bullet and got them. Yep, I'm feeling better, thanks. Yup, sock yarn. I'm going to use the yellow yarn and make some socks for my mom for either Christmas or her birthday - depending on when I finish ;) (so October or December)