Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh, Hey, Uh... Hi

Hi haven't had this blog going in over four years.  Matter of fact, I forgot I even had this blog.  Now that I've discovered it and have started getting more into knitting again, I'm going to start posting about my knitting projects and maybe just life in general.

Here is a hat I recently finished.  I absolutely loved making it.  The cable was fun and easy, and who doesn't love owls.  The pattern is called Owl Hat, and I got it for free through Ravelry.  I encourage you to make it :)  I'm sending this to a friend in the UK that has been going through chemo.  She loves Dr. Who, and I'm going to tell her it's a Dr. Hoot hat.  The yarn is soft and machine washable - I hope she likes it!

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