Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tales of a dish cloth

Once I finished hubby's super-cute ribbed scarf, I decided to start something small. I wanted instant gratification, basically, so I used one of my peaches and cream balls of cotton and began a dish cloth. I started it in the airport, and then worked on it on the plane. The first thing I noticed about cotton was that it a) felt like knitting with string, and b) is a slippery little bugger on metal needles. I had to cast on several times, because it kept looking wrong to me. I watched the youtube video, thinking I was doing something wrong. I wasn't, it was just the way the yarn (I use that term broadly!) seemed to work. After I got two rows on it started looking more like knitting again.

The dish cloth pattern was simply 3K1P every other row, and K rows inbetween (check me out with the pattern speak!). As I clicked away, it quickly started growing. Let's talk about the clicking. I love the sound of needles clicking now. It sounds...productive. I absolutely love when my knitting group at work gets together and we're all chatting and clicking away. It makes me happy. The click and the slight swishy sound when you move the stitch off the needle and on to the other needle are like music to my ears. Obviously I am becoming a knitting lunatic.

Anyway, back to the cloth. So one of my coworkers saw a picture on my phone of the dish cloth and asked me what it was. I told her. Then she asked what the purpose of it was. "What do you mean the purpose of it? It's a dish cloth!" I explained. "Yes, but it's a knitted dish cloth..." she clarified. Um. Uh. Hrm. I changed the subject. Once I got back to work I showed the dish cloth to my coworker. His first response was "I never understood the purpose of a knit dish cloth". I'm now done with the dish cloth and have to say, I agree. I can't really see anyone using it. It's pretty enough (even for a plain one), however, it's not really all that funcational.

I've decided I'm giving it to the coworker who questioned why I would make one in the first place. Let her figure it out! Whee!

Keep on knittin'!

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