Friday, September 12, 2008

This blanket isn't going to knit itself...

Boy, ain't that the truth.

While I've put the blanket on hold, I've gone gang busters on the scarves. I'm working on my third scarf now (finished two), and finished a dish cloth. Also, my mom said in email that knit cloths are nice because they last longer. Well guess who's getting at least one dish cloth for christmas? Bwahahaha. Suckah!

I started the blanket first. Then I decided to try some smaller stuff 'to work on during the commute to work'. That was my excuse, but it's really all about the instant gratification. If I could just finish the darn blanket, I could really work on the quick stuff! So I'm coming up with a plan. I will work on the blanket when we have our knitting group at work. That's two hours every other week. I'll also try to work on the blanket at least one night a week. We'll see how that goes.

My mom has only made one baby blanket in her life, and now I understand why. It takes forever! Sheesh. Oh well...

Keep on knittin'!

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Muchacha said...

And don't we feel luck to have that one blanket that your mom made! :) You can do it, buddy. Though I know how you feel about the instant gratification. I haven't even started a big project yet!